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Little update:
-PAX East in a week
-working at meijer is “meh” at best

Awkward night now that my mother is aware of the fact that i’m no longer the innocent baby she thought I was… proceeding to ask me details because she is terrified of me being pregnant… then giving me “the talk”, like I wasn’t supposed to know what a penis is and what sex is and that having sex can infact… get me pregnant.

That, and my boyfriend is making it worse by going silent on me for no reason even though I totally spent the last 5 fucking nights at his house and HE was the one complaining about “I’m going to have a hard time not having you around”

Also I am jobless, and have a whopping 170 dollar phone bill coming in, in about 2 weeks because my boyfriend convinced me to put the whole damn thing under my name and card… and I am poor what the hell am I supposed to do ugh…

/end rant

Interview at a new job today… lord help me im so nervous.

I hate having anxiety because at the moment right now all I want to do is throw up. :(