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Absolutely pathetic that my mother has to be so judgmental over my size 2 tunnels. i’m sorry, last time I checked its my body.. ffs…

The person I blogged this from deserves to have a great day

100% done being hospitable to people who make us stay up until 1am waiting for them to get here like omg we are letting you sleep in our house please have the common courtesy to not make us wait up so late for you ugh ugh ugh I refuse to leave the door unlocked ever in my life ever nope no.

Seriously I am dealing with so much emotional pain I am reverting back to the days where I was literally on the edge of doing some pretty stupid shit…

I just want to be done…with everything… Breathing hurts, thinking hurts… Make it stop…

I don’t think it’s healthy for me and my fiance to fight as often as we do.

it’s like we hate each other…. all the time.

I’m moving out tomorrow